During the COVID-19/Corona virus public health crisis we will be offering Video Visits (Telehealth visits) when requested by established or new patients. We believe this can be a valuable addition to your orthopedic care in a safe environment.

Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Barry Egan

  • Surgery on lower left Tibia and Fibula to repair break

“This July it has been 5 years since Dr. Nguyentat performed the surgery to place a plate and screws to repair the break in my lower left leg. I was worried about long term issues with having hardware in my leg but there have been no issues and I continue to do the same activities as before my injury in 2016.

We moved to Idaho where I've become more active in hiking, biking, snow shoeing and other outdoor activities. My leg and angle do not give me any problems or pain.

Thank you to Dr. Hansen who initially treated me and then referred the surgery to his colleague Dr Nguyentat who did a great job. Also the staff was very helpful and assisted me.”

Jack Chittick

  • Surgery to repair a ruptured Tibialis Anterior tendon it in my left foot
Jack Chittick's photo

“ I'm so pleased to have Dr. Nguyentat as my surgeon who operated on my left foot. In my opinion she is an outstanding surgeon and really cares about me as a patient and the quality of care that I am receiving. She spent a lot of time evaluating my problem. Once she had diagnosed my problem she proceeded to thoroughly explain to me my options and what type of surgery she was recommending. She provided me with pictures of the damage to my foot and also after it had been repaired. I am anticipating a full recovery and looking forward to being back riding my bicycle and taking long walks with my lovely wife.

I want to thank the staff at Roseville Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine and especially James Perez medical assistant to Dr. Nguyentat. James has gone out of his way to be helpful to me during this process. He has followed up on emails or phone calls in a very timely manner. I received a get well card from Roseville Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine signed by Dr. Nguyentat and James her medical assistant. The card with handwritten notes meant an awful lot to me. They wished me renewed strength, brighter, times and a healthier happier me.

Thanks for your excellent professional medical care.

Jack Chittick ”